Our Brain Potion is formulated with a mix of herbs and tea which may benefit brain clarity, function and memory. Mix with a good nights sleep, meditation, physical activity, healthy diet and other daily practices to give your brain the boost needed to be at your best!


DISCLAIMER: Please note that the following ingredients may or may not have been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, and/or prevent any condition, disease, etc. Always consult a medical professional prior to modifying your diet, using a new product, drug or supplement. It is recommended that you research the health benefits and possible side effects of all ingredients before ingesting.

GREEN TEA – What cannot be said about green tea in terms of benefits?  There are too many possible benefits to list them all here. It is thought to be great for overall brain function and said to lower the risk of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Other possible benefits include weight loss, reduction in cardiovascular disease and a lower risk of infections just to name a few.

RED GINSENG ROOT – Ginseng has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicines for centuries. It is thought to help improve brain functions such as mood, behavior and memory.  It is thought to promote feelings of calmness and mental clarity. Other potential benefits include boosting the immune system, may help increase insulin production,  fight fatigue, lower blood sugar and could possibly improve erectile dysfunction.

HOLY BASIL – This plant is native to Southeast Asia and has many uses in traditional medicines. It thought to yield great benefits for the mind, body and soul.  It is believed to reduce stress and anxiety, promote mental balance and increase endurance.  It is believed to possibly lower cholesterol and blood sugar, reduce joint pain/inflammation and protect against infections.

REISHI MUSHROOM – This mushroom is believed to be beneficial in treating chronic fatigue, stress and high blood pressure.  It is thought to boost the immune system, which can be beneficial in combating many other ailments as well. 

GOTU KOLA – This herb is used in Traditional Chinese medicine and is thought to be helpful in treating fatigue, anxiety and depression. Gotu Kola is believed to improve memory and to promote clarity of mind.  Some believe its uses are far stretching and can be helpful in wound healing, circulation, psychiatric disorders, etc.

ROSE HIPS – The potential benefits of rose hips are many.  In alternative medicine, it is used as an anti-inflammatory and immunity booster.  It is believed to be helpful in dealing with back pain, arthritis, rheumatoid, gout, headaches, sciatica and aid in urinary track infections and digestion.

HIBISCUS – This plant is a wonderfully flavorful ingredient that is believed to be beneficial in lowering blood pressure.  It is packed with antioxidants and is thought to come with the many benefits these provide.  Hibiscus is thought to have a relaxing effect on the body and mind, which can help with anxiety and depression.  Other possible health benefits are the relief of menstrual pain, improved digestion, quenching of thirst, liver protection, antibacterial properties and reduction of inflammation.

PEPPERMINT – This leaf is thought to improve focus and concentration while relieving tension and increasing energy.  Other possible benefits are easing digestion, freshening breath, reducing headaches including migraines, helping with clogged sinuses, seasonal allergies and fighting bacterial infections.

HONEYSUCKLE – Along with the pleasant taste of honeysuckle, the possible herbal benefits are many. It is touted as an aid for digestive disorders, upper respiratory infections, bacterial infections and encephalitis (brain swelling).  Other possible benefits include reduction of headaches, urinary disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and fever reduction.

LEMON PEEL – One of the most well known possible uses for Lemon Peel is in the reduction of kidney stones.  It is also thought to aid in digestive and heart health, protect against anemia and help in the control of weight loss.  Because it’s high in Vitamin C, it is also expected to be great for bone health and rheumatoid arthritis. 

WARNING: This tea is considered a food product and is not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease. If pregnant, or you have an other health concerns, please consult your health care professional before ingesting.