Our herbal teas are formulated with health in mind.  The goal is to aid in areas that benefit our overall health and happiness.  We do this by adding herbs to our teas that are known for certain healthy attributes.  There are no secrets to the ingredients.  Just our special blends, brewed to perfection with a little love and no sugar added.

Why no sugar? Our goal is to create the healthiest versions of our product possible and make them available to everyone including those suffering from diabetes or who want to limit their sugar intake. Want a little sweetness? Don’t hesitate to add a bit of sugar or honey to your next bottle and give it a shake.


Our Brain Potion is formulated with a mix of herbs and tea which may benefit brain clarity, function and memory. Mixed with a good nights sleep, meditation, physical activity, healthy diet and other daily practices to give your brain the boost needed to be at your best!

Some of the most amazing herbs, that may benefit stiffness and pain, come together in just the right mix in this savory beverage. We’ve found our Pain Potion helps us get through those tough days. We hope you enjoy it and find it beneficial as well!
Sleep Potion

Our Sleep Potion is formulated with a mix of herbs and tea which may be beneficial in helping the body and mind relax for a great nights sleep. Sleep is the one area most overlooked in maintaining a proper lifestyle. Stress and anxiety are major issues with falling asleep and staying asleep. And lack of sleep compounds stress and anxiety. A vicious circle that should not be overlooked!

WARNING: This tea is considered a food product and is not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease. If pregnant, or you have an other health concerns, please consult your health care professional before ingesting.