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Coke Vs. Kombucha

Too bad she didn’t do an ingredients comparison! Kombucha is the best soda alternative… just saying!

Top 10 Healthy Food Trends – 2020

Kombucha is #1 on the list. How many of these trends have you currently adopted? Click the link to read:

Kombucha Playing

Took some Kombucha out while the kids were playing.  You can enjoy it anywhere!  

Wicked Garden Kombucha

We know what you are thinking. Horseradish?!? Horseradish tea was once used for many ailments. We took the concept and flipped it on it’s head and made what is considered by many to be our finest Kombucha. A great alternative to soda with a wicked kick of fresh horseradish, ginger and lemon! Oh, and don’t […]

What to play?

Sitting here and just can’t figure out which way to go with the tunes?  Thinking either Jack White/White Stripes or Chris Stapleton.  Can those be any further away from each other?  Either way… Kombucha’s good!  🙂